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Global Metal Blog #1

Welcome to the Global Metal Recycling Blog. A quick introduction - we are a scrap metal business located in Hazel Park, Michigan and have been operating since 1997. With a combined 50 years of experience in handling ferrous and non-ferrous metals, we can guarantee you a fair and competitive quote on all your scrap metal needs.

Through these messages you will receive anything from business updates, local and national news on metal recycling, or a description of certain metals and their uses.

Today, we will keep it short and simple with an introduction to our company and our new website. Help us out by sharing our website/email/phone number with anyone and everyone you think may have a relation to scrap metal and are looking for a quote on it. We can be reached through the form directly on our website ("Request A Quote"), our phone number (248-978-8045), or via email (


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